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Feel Unique When You Buy Floating Lotus Jewelry June 20, 2017 11:44

There are a number of benefits to shopping online. It is the new trend of the new era. From household items to clothing, shoes and everything from inexpensive to expensive. There are numerous websites around the world that sell trendy jewelry online including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings etc. However, purchasing jewelry from an online Jewelry Store can be highly expensive and there may be a risk about quality. Thus, Floating Lotus has evolved as an affordable online fashionable jewelry store where you can buy all types of unique, quality jewelry. Floating Lotus works directly with artists around the world to design and create an exclusive collection of handmade, fair trade jewelry. One of a kind designs and custom settings will add distinctive jewelry to your personal collection. You can feel unique with Floating Lotus statement rings, bohemian necklaces, hand selected semi-precious stone pendants, tribal silver earrings and more! Buy moonstone pendants, ruby rings and turquoise jewelry in a variety of exceptional designs.


Every woman on earth loves shopping and exquisite one of a kind jewelry, and nothing can be better than buying necklaces and pendants online from a store without wasting time, energy and most importantly, money. With Floating Lotus you can shop exclusive earrings as well as ethnic, tribal, bohemian, and contemporary necklaces, pendants and bracelets at a very affordable price range. Floating Lotus is a U.S. based online jewelry store that has also emerged as one of the best earrings collection stores. Find beautiful original stone and silver earrings at

Talking about accessories, it can be very difficult to find trendy accessories that match our taste. Floating Lotus offers a remarkable collection of unique and tasteful jewelry designs. You can buy affordable bracelets online at from their exclusive collection. As the jewelry industry is a growing business, particularly on the web, it opens plenty of options for the customers from range, latest trends, discounts, sales, comparison options etc.  In terms of payments also, this online trendy jewelry store accepts all Credit cards and Debit cards, as well as Paypal. Also, you get to buy necklaces and pendants online from anywhere and everywhere in the world while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Also, if you want to return the product after receiving, they provide you a great return policy so that you don’t go through any trouble.

Whether you are looking to shop earrings collection from the online store or looking to buy affordable bracelets online, you can always opt for online stores such as Floating Lotus who bring the best to you at a highly affordable range. Enjoy the unique collection of handmade, fair trade Floating Lotus jewelry online. Feel confident that with your purchase you will acquire jewelry as unique and beautiful as you!

Delicate Sterling Silver Bangle March 02, 2016 11:25

This sterling silver bangle is a great piece for any jewelry collection. The thin sterling silver band is subtly detailed, adding just the right amount of interest. Tiny silver circles are used to form a simple geometric design that repeats around the bangle. This bracelet is incredibly versatile. It can be worn as alone, making a delicate, minimalist statement. It can be stacked with another similar bangle (or even two of the same), or it can be paired with multiple different bangles for that beautiful boho style we love.

sterling silver fairtrade bangle


The bangle trend is so fun. Layer just a few of your favorite bangles for a more elegant vibe. Wear your favorites for everyday wear. Channel your bohemian style and sport them all, with some on each wrist. We love this bangle because it can be that staple sterling silver bangle to complement any style.

sterling silver bangles bohemian boho chic

If you’re just building your bangle collection, or even if you have a jewelry box full, be sure to browse our selection of bracelets. Especially if you enjoy the boho inspired vibe, but still want quality, fairtrade, well-made, jewelry - we are here to help! Many of our bracelets come from the same artists or areas, and pair seamlessly. This is true of most of our jewelry. So if you’re looking to create your own set of bangles - stop in or browse our bracelets online and start layering!

sterling silver delicate bangles fairtrade boho chic


Check out this bangle and other beautiful bracelets on our website!

Incredible 4-Layer Sterling Silver Bracelet February 27, 2016 13:58

This bracelet is an all time favorite. Its style is bohemian and classic at the same time. The sterling silver bracelet consists of four thick silver bangles which are attached by two beautifully detailed pieces of silver. Each bangle itself is covered with very detailed silver work. Small balls of sterling silver are dropped to form a small triangle pattern, and a rope-like silver line runs down the center of each bangle. These details are small but incredibly eye-catching. Up close they highlight the incredible silverwork found in Rajastan, India - the tiny details are really amazing. From further away, all of these details give the bracelet a gorgeous texture. They give the silver so much dimension with the different surfaces and shadows they create.

large sterling silver statement bracelet

The bracelet is comfortable to wear and is substantial at the same time. The quality of the craftsmanship is clear from the moment you pick it up. You can feel the weight of the sterling silver, but also the lightness achieved through using separate bangles to form the foundation of the design.

sterling silver bohemian bracelet

It features a pin clasp and a hinge for easy on-and-off. This fastening also allows the bracelet to fit a larger span of wrist sizes, as it does not have to slide on and off over the hand. An added bonus, the clasp is a work of art. The artist used the hinge and fastening areas to add even more detailed silver work to the bracelet.

large sterling silver boho cuff bracelet

As always, our jewelry is handmade, fairtrade, and hand-picked by us for you!


Green Turquoise - Boho Statement Ring February 27, 2016 13:28

Green turquoise is a beautiful and unique stone. This large piece of green turquoise creates a real statement piece. The bright, vibrant green is striking; though very different than the traditional blue turquoise. This vivid green stone still pairs nicely with other shades of turquoise. The deep lime green of this piece of turquoise is woven with a gold and brown matrix. The golden brown and bring green compliment each other beautifully, and these markings are part of the stone’s natural beauty.


green turquoise jewelry


The large oval shape of the stone sits beautifully on the finger. Its size, shape, and color truly make this a statement ring; and we love that green turquoise is a more unique stone.

green turquoise ring


The sterling silver setting is equally bold and beautiful to support such a brilliant stone. The stone is surrounded by a band of silver to raise it slightly off the setting. The detailed band is where the most striking silver work can be found. Subtle patterns of small beading, braiding, and twisting surround both sides of the finger. These different silver textures are arranged in rows. This geometric alignment of interesting patterns contributes to the tribal style of this ring. We find some of our favorite sterling silver detailing work in Rajasthan, India. We love the bohemian style crafted in such an elegant and effortless way. The silver work is substantial on this ring, and the quality is apparent.


green turquoise and sterling silver boho jewelry statement ring

The ring is really a work of art. From all angles, the beautiful sterling silver detail work can be seen hugging the finger. We love offering quality sterling silver pieces in a bohemian style that truly reflect the skilled craftsmanship behind them.

Moonstone Crown Ring February 18, 2016 11:18

This beautiful sterling silver and moonstone ring features an incredible piece of moonstone. Moonstone is a milky stone with a gorgeous iridescence. Even in indoor light, the stone's beautiful blue-purple hues are easily seen; and outside in sunlight the colors are even more brilliant.

Moonstone is often said to be the stone of new beginnings. No matter what kind of a beginning you may be embarking on, a moonstone can help give you the right balance of energy needed to calmly make the transition. Even if a new beginning doesn't resonate with you, but you love the beauty of the stone, its many other properties are sure to bring benefit to its wearer.

moonstone and silver ring

In addition to the beauty of this moonstone, the silver work on this ring is amazing. Moonstone looks great with sterling silver because the cooler tones in the silver highlight the stone's natural iridescence. This ring's unique shape really elongates the finger without being overpowering. It looks great on a ring finger, middle finger, or pointer finger.  

moonstone boho ring sterling silver

The intricate detail work is stunning. The setting is decorated by sterling silver balls in a few different sizes. The larger sterling silver beads frame the stone, and the smaller ones ties the piece together - giving this ring a bohemian and tribal feel while also keeping it modern and elegant.

sterling silver and moonstone boho jewelry ring

We Love Raw Rubies December 23, 2015 14:22

This week we wanted to share with you a couples pieces featuring one of our favorite stones - raw ruby! 


We hand-pick gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry - all set in sterling silver! 


raw ruby ring fairtrade boho jewelry


This ring features a stunning piece of raw ruby surrounded by intricate silver-work in sterling. The ring is elegant, and its size makes it perfect for everyday wear or for that pop of color on a special occasion.



fairtrade ruby pendant


This pendant is another favorite. This week we decided to feature pieces that could easily be worn everyday and that complement almost any style. This pendant looks stunning with anything from jeans and a white t-shirt to a fancy black dress.


Stop in either of our stores or browse our collection online to find the perfect ruby for you!
Interested in the pieces featured in this blog:



Fairtrade Thai Silk Scarves December 16, 2015 10:29

One of our most popular accessory items is the Thai silk scarf.
These scarves are hand-loomed by artists in northern Thailand.


thai silk scarves


These beautiful fair-trade scarves come in a wide range of gorgeous colors - from brights to neutrals and everything in between!


thai silk scarf boho fairtrade


We love that there are so many ways to wear them. Different wraps and knots make them so versatile, and the luxurious silk compliments almost any outfit!


silk scarf fairtrade handmade thailand boho fashion 


These scarves are fairtrade, which means that the artists who make them are fairly compensated for their beautiful work. The hand-loomed silk is a unique texture and the way it picks up the color is incredible. These scarves make a wonderful, unique gift at any time of year!

Tibetan Singing Bowls December 06, 2015 11:19

"Music is a celestial sound that controls the whole universe. Sound energy, sound power, is much, much greater than any other power in the world."

-Sri Swami Satchidnanda (at Woodstock, 1969)

Tibetan Singing Bowls


Singing bowls have been used for centuries to aid in meditation.
Its estimated that these bowls made their way from India to Tibet around the 8th century A.D. with the teachings of the Buddha. In addition to meditation, today singing bowls are also used for stress reduction, Reiki, chakra balancing, deep relaxation, and as musical instruments.


medium size tibetan singing bowl


We have a large selection of unique hand-picked bowls -- they range in size, shape, style, pitch, and tone. These bowls are handmade from a blend of seven metals. We have a handful of amazing antique bowls, many traditional hand-hammered ones, and a selection of newer bowls with Sanskrit detailing on the outside.

hammered singing bowl

In addition to assisting with deep relaxation and meditation, singing bowls are also used to help clear chakras. The bowls vary in size and thus pitch. The different pitches can help to activate certain chakras. Some bowls are large enough to stand inside, and this one is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


fairtrade singing bowl


We love helping people find the right bowl for them. Its so interesting to see how each bowl can have a different effect on its player and how certain bowls resonate more with some than others. Some people prefer the new bowls which have a more perfectly smooth rim and a slightly thicker wall, while others love the more traditional feel of the simple hand-hammered bowls.


hand-hammered tibetan singing bowl


Check out some of our collection of bowls on our website or come in and let us help you find the one for you!



Moonstone Jewelry November 29, 2015 21:52

fairtrade moonstone jewelry in sterling silver

Moonstones have a milky-sheen and an incredible iridescence. They look beautiful on their own, worn as a set, or paired with other stones. Their milky blue-purple shine works great year round.


Moonstone is often referred to as the stone of new beginnings. It helps one to absorb the universal energies that he or she needs.


This moonstone ring in a beautifully detailed setting is the perfect blend of delicate and statement. We love the bohemian look of the intricate silver work in this piece.

fairtrade moonstone and sterling silver ring


Moonstone can help with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes in one’s life.


The beauty of moonstones stands out with a detailed setting, and its equally gorgeous in a more minimal and simple setting. It allows you to wear the stone in the way that best suits your style. 

fairtrade sterling silver moonstone ring bohemian jewelry


Moonstone has balancing, introspective, and reflective energies.


One of our favorite bracelets features seven incredible pieces of moonstone. The stones are set in minimal sterling-silver settings, and the stones stand out as they drape around the wrist.

moonstone bracelet boho fairtrade jewelry  fairtrade sterling silver moonstone bracelet


Moonstone is a stone that can help us understand emotionally and with our intuition, rather than just with intellectual logic. This can be helpful with insight, perception, and decision making.


This pendant is a great piece - its simple enough to wear everyday, but the detailing on the setting and the incredible iridescence of the stone are eye-catching. Wear it day to night, dressy to casual.

moonstone and silver pendant bohemian fairtrade jewelry style


Moonstone was once called the "traveler's stone" -- said to provide protection and good fortune to  its wearer.


Like the pendant these earrings are really versatile. They work great to complete the set, or to be worn on their own.

sterling silver moonstone earrings


Check out these pieces all together. This set would make an amazing gift (for yourself, or for someone you love!). We can even help you assemble a set of your own.

sterling silver moonstone jewelry


Interested in the pieces featured in this article?





Hmong Handbags - Handmade in Northern Thailand November 23, 2015 10:40

The Hmong are an ancient ethnic group that has migrated throughout Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. They are well known for their skill in embroidery, appliqué, and batik.


We're thrilled to feature several bags handcrafted by Hmong women in northern Thailand. This leather bag in a beautiful shade of burgundy is one of our favorites.

Hmong embroidery handbag purse fairtrade handmade

The detail work is flawless. The stitching in the leather is done in a complementary maroon, the vertical-zip pocket on the front offers and added functional style detail, and the classic Hmong embroidery work is featured in a panel on the front.


Hmong embroidery Thailand handmade fairtrade handcrafted textile handbag

Check out the detail of the embroidery work - all done by hand in the traditional Hmong style.


Each bag is unique and a true work of art. 


Thailand purse Hmong embroidery boho fairtrade

We love the modern relaxed shape of this bag paired with the gorgeous traditional detailing.


This smaller style has been incredibly popular. Its simple shape on a long thin leather strap works great over-the-shoulder or as a cross-body. 

bohemian cross body bag purse handmade fairtrade


The color and detail-work are stunning and give this bag an effortless bohemian vibe.

Hmong embroidery handbag purse handmade fairtrade bohemian style



Featured in this article:



Tibetan Inspiration - Turquoise and Red Coral Jewelry November 12, 2015 14:26

Red coral and turquoise are often featured together in traditional Tibetan jewelry. We love the duo's rich colors and reflection of a cultural tradition.

turquoise and red coral jewelry set sterling silver fair-trade tibetan bohemian style

We put this set together from individual pieces in our shop - the pieces, all set in sterling silver, complement each other while still feeling very unique. And each piece looks great when worn independently. 



red coral and turquoise ring bohemian jewelry sterling silver

The ring is in a traditional saddle ring style. It features incredibly detailed silver work, and the elongating placement of the stones works well on multiple fingers. 


While Turquoise has become an incredibly popular stone in the U.S., we haven't seen quite as many pieces featuring red coral on its own. Red coral is a brilliant tomato red, with beautiful variations that come with its natural origin.

red coral sterling silver bracelet fair-trade handmade tibetan bohemian style

We love that this unique bracelet features such gorgeous pieces of red coral surrounded by elegant sterling silver details.


red coral and sterling silver earrings fairtrade boho jewelry

 These earrings are another favorite- simple, elegant, and with the perfect amount of silver-work detailing.


turquoise and red coral pendant necklace bohemian fairtrade jewelry sterling silver

We chose this stunning pendant to complete the look. This piece of turquoise is incredible, and the pops of red around it highlight its gorgeous color.


Stop in and let us help you design your own set or check out the jewelry available on our website.

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Artist Spotlight: Ramesh's Handcrafted Jewelry from Nepal November 04, 2015 14:04

handmade sterling silver jewelry silver work fairtrade bohemian


Meet Ramesh- a talented artist who creates amazing handmade jewelry pieces from his family shop in Nepal.


Justin and Karin have been working with Ramesh since 2008.
At 32 years old, he is one of the younger artists that they have worked with, and his pieces continue to be among favorites in their extensive jewelry collection.



From a small shop in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Ramesh, his older brother, and other family members design and handcraft pendants, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces. Using sterling silver and quality stones, they make pieces that are truly works of art.

Justin and Karin visit his small shop in Patan Square to handpick pieces by Ramesh and also to pick up custom designs that he has created specifically for The Floating Lotus.

ruby sterling silver handmade fair-trade ring boho jewelry


This intricate sterling silver ring featuring a stunning piece of raw Ruby is one of their favorites.


The exceptional quality and craftwork of these pieces is clear. Ramesh's family has been successful in Nepal for centuries, and now their work is finding another eager audience on the North Shore of Massachusetts. 
moonstone sterling silver ring handmade fairtrade bohemian

This unique ring style has been incredibly popular, and Ramesh features several different stones in this beautiful setting, including this Moonstone piece.


 Ramesh's family has been crafting incredible jewelry for generations. He and his family are Newars, members of the Newar cultural group dating back thousands of years in the Kathmandu Valley. The Newar people have a rich artistic culture, and that style is heavily influential in Ramesh's designs. He often uses heavy silver work with incredibly intricate and detailed filigree and beautiful stones. 

He also occasionally incorporates traditional Tibetan style, featuring amazing turquoise and red coral pieces. 


His pieces can easily be worn alone or with other simple silver pieces, and his cohesive and elegant style means that these pieces also look amazing when paired together.

moonstone sterling silver pendant boho fairtrade bohemian nepal jewelry


 We love the silverwork in this moonstone pendant - this pendant and the moonstone ring above complement each other beautifully without feeling overly matched.


Justin and Karin are committed to selling fair-trade products and to supporting the communities from which they make their purchases.10-20% of their profits go back to these communities, including earthquake relief efforts and women's groups in Nepal.


They are returning to Nepal at the end of November and are looking forward to working with Ramesh and other amazing artists over the few weeks that they are there.

Be sure to come into our Rockport or Gloucester shop or browse around our site for more incredible work by Ramesh!


Interested in the pieces featured in this article?: 


Floating Lotus in Gloucester! October 26, 2015 21:25

After 12 years of success in its Rockport location on Bearskin Neck, Floating Lotus has expanded into a second location. This new store is located at 169 Main Street in Gloucester, MA, another beautiful coastal town neighboring Rockport. Taking over half of what used to be the Empire storefront, Justin and Karin have room to grow.

Floating Lotus Gloucester Local Independent Art India Nepal Thailand Jewelry Clothing Bohemian

They have a spacious retail area, where shoppers will find many of the store’s classic items- beautiful jewelry, clothing, and home décor- along with a few new items making their appearance in this new location!

Fairtrade Clothing Handmade Bohemian Local India Nepal Thailand FestivalBohemian Yoga Floating Lotus Fairtrade Handmade Local Clothing

In addition to the great retail space, Justin and Karin are thrilled to have a large event space just above the storefront which overlooks the harbor. In the few months that Floating Lotus has been in Gloucester, this space has already been well utilized with various sound healings and musical events. You’ll hear everything from Kirtan to funk to meditative singing bowls at these events.

Kirtan Live Music Gloucester Wellness Events Community India Gloucester Music Events Wellness Fairtrade Wellness Local

Find a list of our upcoming events here!

We hope to see you in the shop!

Welcome to the Floating Lotus Blog October 14, 2015 11:31

Welcome to the Floating Lotus Blog!

Floating Lotus Shop Handmade Fairtrade Goods Artwork TravelFairtrade Handmade Floating Lotus Rockport Local Independent Business Art

Floating Lotus opened the doors of its first official shop on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA in 2002. Owners Justin and Karin lived and worked in parts of Asia for several years where they became familiar with local crafts, cultures and markets before beginning their business. In the shop (and on our website!), you will find hundreds of unique products from around the globe.

Justin and Karin both bring a strong commitment to offering the quality handmade, fairtrade jewelry, crafts and clothing you will find in their shop. They share a passion for connecting customers with unique and beautiful products from India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and beyond, as well as with local artists.         

Floating Lotus Justin Karin Shop Fairtrade Handmade Travel Jewelry Clothing     

Fair-trade practices, which generate honest, positive, and sustainable relationships with the artists, producers, as well as customers, are the foundation of Floating Lotus’ business.    




Artist Painting Handmade Fairtrade Floating Lotus Artwork Decorations



elephant paintings artist artwork handmade fair-trade

By purchasing items directly from the producers, Floating Lotus is able to ensure fair trade partnerships which help to generate fair wages, environmentally sustainable values, and safe and healthy working conditions. By working to strengthen economic conditions within each village and organization, Floating Lotus is able to play a part in supporting generations of creative people in expressing their artistic talents and showcasing their unique cultural identities.


Floating Lotus and their network of talented craftspeople greatly appreciate your continued support. Please enjoy exploring the website and visit the shop, Floating Lotus, located in historic Rockport, Massachusetts to enjoy the extensive collection. Also, visit our new location in Gloucester, Massachusetts.