Welcome to the Floating Lotus Blog

Welcome to the Floating Lotus Blog!

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Floating Lotus opened the doors of its first official shop on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA in 2002. Owners Justin and Karin lived and worked in parts of Asia for several years where they became familiar with local crafts, cultures and markets before beginning their business. In the shop (and on our website!), you will find hundreds of unique products from around the globe.

Justin and Karin both bring a strong commitment to offering the quality handmade, fairtrade jewelry, crafts and clothing you will find in their shop. They share a passion for connecting customers with unique and beautiful products from India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and beyond, as well as with local artists.         

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Fair-trade practices, which generate honest, positive, and sustainable relationships with the artists, producers, as well as customers, are the foundation of Floating Lotus’ business.    




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By purchasing items directly from the producers, Floating Lotus is able to ensure fair trade partnerships which help to generate fair wages, environmentally sustainable values, and safe and healthy working conditions. By working to strengthen economic conditions within each village and organization, Floating Lotus is able to play a part in supporting generations of creative people in expressing their artistic talents and showcasing their unique cultural identities.


Floating Lotus and their network of talented craftspeople greatly appreciate your continued support. Please enjoy exploring the website and visit the shop, Floating Lotus, located in historic Rockport, Massachusetts to enjoy the extensive collection. Also, visit our new location in Gloucester, Massachusetts.