Delicate Sterling Silver Bangle

This sterling silver bangle is a great piece for any jewelry collection. The thin sterling silver band is subtly detailed, adding just the right amount of interest. Tiny silver circles are used to form a simple geometric design that repeats around the bangle. This bracelet is incredibly versatile. It can be worn as alone, making a delicate, minimalist statement. It can be stacked with another similar bangle (or even two of the same), or it can be paired with multiple different bangles for that beautiful boho style we love.

sterling silver fairtrade bangle


The bangle trend is so fun. Layer just a few of your favorite bangles for a more elegant vibe. Wear your favorites for everyday wear. Channel your bohemian style and sport them all, with some on each wrist. We love this bangle because it can be that staple sterling silver bangle to complement any style.

sterling silver bangles bohemian boho chic

If you’re just building your bangle collection, or even if you have a jewelry box full, be sure to browse our selection of bracelets. Especially if you enjoy the boho inspired vibe, but still want quality, fairtrade, well-made, jewelry - we are here to help! Many of our bracelets come from the same artists or areas, and pair seamlessly. This is true of most of our jewelry. So if you’re looking to create your own set of bangles - stop in or browse our bracelets online and start layering!

sterling silver delicate bangles fairtrade boho chic


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