Tibetan Inspiration - Turquoise and Red Coral Jewelry

Red coral and turquoise are often featured together in traditional Tibetan jewelry. We love the duo's rich colors and reflection of a cultural tradition.

turquoise and red coral jewelry set sterling silver fair-trade tibetan bohemian style

We put this set together from individual pieces in our shop - the pieces, all set in sterling silver, complement each other while still feeling very unique. And each piece looks great when worn independently. 



red coral and turquoise ring bohemian jewelry sterling silver

The ring is in a traditional saddle ring style. It features incredibly detailed silver work, and the elongating placement of the stones works well on multiple fingers. 


While Turquoise has become an incredibly popular stone in the U.S., we haven't seen quite as many pieces featuring red coral on its own. Red coral is a brilliant tomato red, with beautiful variations that come with its natural origin.

red coral sterling silver bracelet fair-trade handmade tibetan bohemian style

We love that this unique bracelet features such gorgeous pieces of red coral surrounded by elegant sterling silver details.


red coral and sterling silver earrings fairtrade boho jewelry

 These earrings are another favorite- simple, elegant, and with the perfect amount of silver-work detailing.


turquoise and red coral pendant necklace bohemian fairtrade jewelry sterling silver

We chose this stunning pendant to complete the look. This piece of turquoise is incredible, and the pops of red around it highlight its gorgeous color.


Stop in and let us help you design your own set or check out the jewelry available on our website.

If you're interested in the pieces featured in this post: