Hmong Handbags - Handmade in Northern Thailand

The Hmong are an ancient ethnic group that has migrated throughout Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. They are well known for their skill in embroidery, appliqué, and batik.


We're thrilled to feature several bags handcrafted by Hmong women in northern Thailand. This leather bag in a beautiful shade of burgundy is one of our favorites.

Hmong embroidery handbag purse fairtrade handmade

The detail work is flawless. The stitching in the leather is done in a complementary maroon, the vertical-zip pocket on the front offers and added functional style detail, and the classic Hmong embroidery work is featured in a panel on the front.


Hmong embroidery Thailand handmade fairtrade handcrafted textile handbag

Check out the detail of the embroidery work - all done by hand in the traditional Hmong style.


Each bag is unique and a true work of art. 


Thailand purse Hmong embroidery boho fairtrade

We love the modern relaxed shape of this bag paired with the gorgeous traditional detailing.


This smaller style has been incredibly popular. Its simple shape on a long thin leather strap works great over-the-shoulder or as a cross-body. 

bohemian cross body bag purse handmade fairtrade


The color and detail-work are stunning and give this bag an effortless bohemian vibe.

Hmong embroidery handbag purse handmade fairtrade bohemian style



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