Incredible 4-Layer Sterling Silver Bracelet

This bracelet is an all time favorite. Its style is bohemian and classic at the same time. The sterling silver bracelet consists of four thick silver bangles which are attached by two beautifully detailed pieces of silver. Each bangle itself is covered with very detailed silver work. Small balls of sterling silver are dropped to form a small triangle pattern, and a rope-like silver line runs down the center of each bangle. These details are small but incredibly eye-catching. Up close they highlight the incredible silverwork found in Rajastan, India - the tiny details are really amazing. From further away, all of these details give the bracelet a gorgeous texture. They give the silver so much dimension with the different surfaces and shadows they create.

large sterling silver statement bracelet

The bracelet is comfortable to wear and is substantial at the same time. The quality of the craftsmanship is clear from the moment you pick it up. You can feel the weight of the sterling silver, but also the lightness achieved through using separate bangles to form the foundation of the design.

sterling silver bohemian bracelet

It features a pin clasp and a hinge for easy on-and-off. This fastening also allows the bracelet to fit a larger span of wrist sizes, as it does not have to slide on and off over the hand. An added bonus, the clasp is a work of art. The artist used the hinge and fastening areas to add even more detailed silver work to the bracelet.

large sterling silver boho cuff bracelet

As always, our jewelry is handmade, fairtrade, and hand-picked by us for you!