Artist Spotlight: Ramesh's Handcrafted Jewelry from Nepal

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Meet Ramesh- a talented artist who creates amazing handmade jewelry pieces from his family shop in Nepal.


Justin and Karin have been working with Ramesh since 2008.
At 32 years old, he is one of the younger jewelry artists that they have worked with, and his pieces continue to be among favorites in their extensive jewelry collection.



From a small shop in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Ramesh, his older brother, and other family members design and handcraft pendants, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces. Using sterling silver and quality stones, they make pieces that are truly works of art.

Justin and Karin visit his small shop in Patan Square to handpick pieces by Ramesh and also to pick up custom designs that he has created specifically for The Floating Lotus.

ruby sterling silver handmade fair-trade ring boho jewelry


This intricate sterling silver ring featuring a stunning piece of raw Ruby is one of their favorites.


The exceptional quality and craftwork of these pieces is clear. Ramesh's family has been successful in Nepal for centuries, and now their work is finding another eager audience on the North Shore of Massachusetts. 
moonstone sterling silver ring handmade fairtrade bohemian

This unique ring style has been incredibly popular, and Ramesh features several different stones in this beautiful setting, including this Moonstone piece.


 Ramesh's family has been crafting incredible jewelry for generations. He and his family are Newars, members of the Newar cultural group dating back thousands of years in the Kathmandu Valley. The Newar people have a rich artistic culture, and that style is heavily influential in Ramesh's designs. He often uses heavy silver work with incredibly intricate and detailed filigree and beautiful stones. 

He also occasionally incorporates traditional Tibetan style, featuring amazing turquoise and red coral pieces. 


His pieces can easily be worn alone or with other simple silver pieces, and his cohesive and elegant style means that these pieces also look amazing when paired together.

moonstone sterling silver pendant boho fairtrade bohemian nepal jewelry


 We love the silverwork in this moonstone pendant - this pendant and the moonstone ring above complement each other beautifully without feeling overly matched.


Justin and Karin are committed to selling fair-trade products and to supporting the communities from which they make their purchases.10-20% of their profits go back to these communities, including earthquake relief efforts and women's groups in Nepal.


They are returning to Nepal at the end of November and are looking forward to working with Ramesh and other amazing artists over the few weeks that they are there.

Be sure to come into our Rockport or Gloucester shop or browse around our site for more incredible work by Ramesh!


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