Our Story

Floating Lotus is devoted to offering handmade, fair trade, ethically sourced items from around the world. We are honored to share our exclusive collection of clothing, jewelry, textiles, woodcarvings, musical instruments and more.
Our love of global art and culture has been inspired by two decades of travel and exploration. We, the owners, Karin & Justin, previously lived and worked as teachers in Southeast Asia for several years. We've developed long-term relationships with the artists and families who create beautiful items for Floating Lotus. Every year, we travel to custom design and hand-pick our unique collection, working directly alongside our producers. By working through direct trade, we are able to ensure fair trade partnerships which promote fair, livable wages, and clean and safe working conditions. Buying products from producers in developing countries at a fair price is an efficient way of promoting sustainable development. Marginalized producers and workers in developing countries become empowered through long-term relations which aim to honor dialogue, transparency and respect. We continuously work with artisans in India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Thailand. Sometimes we venture to new places and support local New England artists as well. Floating Lotus supports and donates profits to charities and community development, including orphanages, women's skills development projects, and grassroots organizations who work to improve infrastructure. T hrough direct trade, we are able to ensure fair trade partnerships which promote fair, livable wages, and clean and safe working conditions
We hold great respect for cultural diversity. Our mission is to connect people and cultures of the world through positive, mutually beneficial relationships and interactions. We are grateful for your support!
Please visit Floating Lotus stores on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our original location since 2003 is in the quaint seaside village of Rockport. Floating Lotus in Gloucester opened in 2016. Our Gloucester location also hosts classes, meditations, healing and wellness workshops, and live music events. In Rockport, we offer private singing bowl clearing meditation sessions with the owner, Justin, in our upstairs gallery. Please contact us to schedule a session. Private shopping sessions are also available by appointment. 978-546-2367.
We're grateful for your support and hope to see you soon!  

Justin has been working with sound and singing bowls for over twenty years. He specially selects each singing bowl we offer. 

Karin collaborates directly with cottage crafters to design and create Floating Lotus clothing.