Green Turquoise - Boho Statement Ring

Green turquoise is a beautiful and unique stone. This large piece of green turquoise creates a real statement piece. The bright, vibrant green is striking; though very different than the traditional blue turquoise. This vivid green stone still pairs nicely with other shades of turquoise. The deep lime green of this piece of turquoise is woven with a gold and brown matrix. The golden brown and bring green compliment each other beautifully, and these markings are part of the stone’s natural beauty.


green turquoise jewelry


The large oval shape of the stone sits beautifully on the finger. Its size, shape, and color truly make this a statement ring; and we love that green turquoise is a more unique stone.

green turquoise ring


The sterling silver setting is equally bold and beautiful to support such a brilliant stone. The stone is surrounded by a band of silver to raise it slightly off the setting. The detailed band is where the most striking silver work can be found. Subtle patterns of small beading, braiding, and twisting surround both sides of the finger. These different silver textures are arranged in rows. This geometric alignment of interesting patterns contributes to the tribal style of this ring. We find some of our favorite sterling silver detailing work in Rajasthan, India. We love the bohemian style crafted in such an elegant and effortless way. The silver work is substantial on this ring, and the quality is apparent.


green turquoise and sterling silver boho jewelry statement ring

The ring is really a work of art. From all angles, the beautiful sterling silver detail work can be seen hugging the finger. We love offering quality sterling silver pieces in a bohemian style that truly reflect the skilled craftsmanship behind them.