Tibetan Singing Bowls

"Music is a celestial sound that controls the whole universe. Sound energy, sound power, is much, much greater than any other power in the world."

-Sri Swami Satchidnanda (at Woodstock, 1969)

Tibetan Singing Bowls


Singing bowls have been used for centuries to aid in meditation.
Its estimated that these bowls made their way from India to Tibet around the 8th century A.D. with the teachings of the Buddha. In addition to meditation, today singing bowls are also used for stress reduction, Reiki, chakra balancing, deep relaxation, and as musical instruments.


medium size tibetan singing bowl


We have a large selection of unique hand-picked bowls -- they range in size, shape, style, pitch, and tone. These bowls are handmade from a blend of seven metals. We have a handful of amazing antique bowls, many traditional hand-hammered ones, and a selection of newer bowls with Sanskrit detailing on the outside.

hammered singing bowl

In addition to assisting with deep relaxation and meditation, singing bowls are also used to help clear chakras. The bowls vary in size and thus pitch. The different pitches can help to activate certain chakras. Some bowls are large enough to stand inside, and this one is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


fairtrade singing bowl


We love helping people find the right bowl for them. Its so interesting to see how each bowl can have a different effect on its player and how certain bowls resonate more with some than others. Some people prefer the new bowls which have a more perfectly smooth rim and a slightly thicker wall, while others love the more traditional feel of the simple hand-hammered bowls.


hand-hammered tibetan singing bowl


Check out some of our collection of bowls on our website or come in and let us help you find the one for you!