Moonstone Crown Ring

This beautiful sterling silver and moonstone ring features an incredible piece of moonstone. Moonstone is a milky stone with a gorgeous iridescence. Even in indoor light, the stone's beautiful blue-purple hues are easily seen; and outside in sunlight the colors are even more brilliant.

Moonstone is often said to be the stone of new beginnings. No matter what kind of a beginning you may be embarking on, a moonstone can help give you the right balance of energy needed to calmly make the transition. Even if a new beginning doesn't resonate with you, but you love the beauty of the stone, its many other properties are sure to bring benefit to its wearer.

moonstone and silver ring

In addition to the beauty of this moonstone, the silver work on this ring is amazing. Moonstone looks great with sterling silver because the cooler tones in the silver highlight the stone's natural iridescence. This ring's unique shape really elongates the finger without being overpowering. It looks great on a ring finger, middle finger, or pointer finger.  

moonstone boho ring sterling silver

The intricate detail work is stunning. The setting is decorated by sterling silver balls in a few different sizes. The larger sterling silver beads frame the stone, and the smaller ones ties the piece together - giving this ring a bohemian and tribal feel while also keeping it modern and elegant.

sterling silver and moonstone boho jewelry ring