Tibetan Dorje Gong - Floating Lotus
Tibetan Dorje Gong - Floating Lotus

Tibetan Dorje Gong

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Gong, with dorje design, 20”Wide. This gong is made from fragments of antique Tibetan Singing bowls that have broken after 3000 to 4000 years. The old bowls are sacred objects and are reused, melted down again and hand hammered into this amazing Dorje Gong. Incredible vibrational frequencies with etched double forge fir balance and tranquillity in your space and vibrational healing of the chakras. Vibrations from gong can be sensed from up to 8 feet away. Directly vibrates at the heart chakra frequency. Beautiful low tone with about a minute sustain makes this gong an essential piece for any healing or yoga practice.

The Compassion Mantra when recited with this gong can be used to help heal the body and mind. Plus, with all the division in the world, chanting allows all voices to come together to show unity and oneness not just of the self, but of the community and world πŸ™

Play the gong and recite mantra, wishes or prayers to be projected in the vibrations of the gong to the heavens! πŸ™

All gongs come with natural Himalayan Mt. goat mallet with teak wood handle. Namaste~