Cosmic Radiance Sunshine Aura Pendant

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Illuminate your wardrobe with the Cosmic Radiance Sunshine Aura Pendant. Infused with the powerful energy of Cosmic Radiance Sunshine Aura, this pendant radiates positive vibes and uplifts your mood. Expertly crafted and designed to enhance your style and well-being.

A truly unique crystal that combines the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy by electrostatically bonding precious metal from the Earth onto the surface on natural clear quartz. This incredible method intensifies the healing properties of the original elements as well as creating a unique blend of subtle healing energies all it’s own. These radiant, iridescent crystal are prized for their ability to stimulate and cleanse all chakras, expand consciousness and release negativity, though sunshine aura is particularly sought for its strong association sith the solar plexus chakra and ability to help heal past traumas. 92.5 Sterling Silver, 3"L