Lotus Sound Meditation with Nancy Tanzella

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The First and Third Saturday of every month @ 2:00 pm and 4:00pm Nancy will be offering a Group Gong Meditation at Floating Lotus Gloucester.

Space limited, get tickets here

$35.00, 75 minute session

2 Sound Immersion events every other Saturday-2:00 pm & 4:00 pm
Limit 10 persons per session -
10 Anti-Gravity Chairs for off the floor comfort -
Are you ready for a Time-Out ?
The Nervous System is being taxed… Get your body in the Gong Space for a tune up on a cellular level - recline and relax -
Eyes closed - Ears open ✨
Experience and Shift your Perspective for the journey ahead with a clearer mind and body vessel. Gongs are instruments of Quantum Healing

Feel free to bring eye covering and a light blanket, etc for your comfort, or we have these available for your use. There will be multiple gongs played, ancient signing bowls and a tranquil sound landscape of multiple shamanistic instruments that will relax and calm the listener, transporting them to a different place to ultimately align the body and chakra energy. 🙏

These sessions are not recommended for those with a fitted medical device or in the first trimester of pregnancy.