Flower of Life Earrings

$ 46.00

Flower of Life Earrings, hand crafted sterling silver, 92.5. Amazing for creativity, connects with the Sacral Chakra and Heart Chakra.

Two sizes: Small .75", Medium 1.2" W

The Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry is a language of geometric patterns that spans all cultures, time lines and species on this planet and beyond. It is the foundation of everything in existence, when broken down to the smallest parts. It is a massive subject that covers the very foundation of our evolution, our planet, solar system and the growth of the universe as well as our connection to each other and beings from other planets. 

Amazing to wear for creativity, I frequently see The Flower of Life in the Sacral Chakra of humans. In my mind I see it as a Chrysanthemum, a flower that has many overlapping petals, it is a physical representation of The Flower of Life. When I see this in the Sacral Chakra of someone I know that they are connected to their own divine creativity, they use their connection to the divine to create what they want in their life.

The Flower of Life is a representation of the divine that exists inside of you. It connects us all individually into a giant web of life, light, and energy. As a single cell inside your mother’s womb you began to divide, moving through many of the forms in sacred geometry until you developed into a fully functioning human. You still carry those divine forms in every cell of your body. You are a miracle! You were born from the divine, it can never leave you. Never forget that you are the divine in physical form.

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