Radiant Sunshine Aura Quartz Pendant

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The Radiant Sunshine Aura Quartz Pendant exudes inspiration, connecting us to our creativity and confidence. It resonates with our solar plexus, encouraging trust in ourselves. This pendant will elevate your overall well-being and bring positivity to your daily life. Discover a new level of energy with the Radiant Sunshine Aura Quartz Pendant.

Sunshine Aura Quartz, like the sun, has an extremely powerful and vitalising energy which can release deeply held emotional blockages. Sunshine Aura is highly rejuvenating and protective. It maybe useful in developing psychometric abilities.

Clear quartz is bonded with gold, iron and platinum to create an iridescent glow. It brings together the vibration of quartz and metal which may amplify the clearing properties, resulting in abundance of positive energy.

92.5 Sterling Silver, 1.5" L