Mystic Topaz Fire Set
Mystic Topaz Fire Set
Mystic Topaz Fire Set

Mystic Topaz Fire Set

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Mystic Fire Topaz is said to promote the successful completion of endeavours; it also improves relationships through better quality and clarity of communication and understanding. Insight gained through the influence of topaz encourages clarity and a deeper understanding of ones self and the areas around personal expansion and growth.

Clearer thinking improves overall health, and the ability to trust others is encouraged as clarity provides understanding and insight into those around you.

Mystic Topaz Full set, one of a kind. Comes with matching pendant with 16” or 18” chain, matching earrings and stunning ring!

Ring - Size 6, we can also resize ring to any size you’d like! 
Pendant - 1”L x .75”W,
Earrings - .55”L x .5”W

please call with any questions 978-546-2367

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