Green Onyx Teardrop Earrings
Green Onyx Teardrop Earrings

Green Onyx Teardrop Earrings

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Add a flash of color to your style with these brilliant green onyx earrings! Delicately etched sterling silver carresses this gorgeously hued gemstone.

Green Onyx is known to repel negativity from the user. Its commonly worn as a piece of jewelery due to its likeness to that of Jade and Emerald , but actually has a much more powerful effect on the body when it comes to blocking negativity. Wearing Green Onyx also has the effect of increased confidence. Its a very strong heart stone and will allow you to stand up and face anxiety when confronted with it, instead of allowing it to control you. Green Onyx is recommended for public speakers, politicians, or actors who are always in front of society.

92.5 Sterling Silver 

Size 1" L

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