~Handmade, Fair Trade Jewelry, Crafts & Clothing from India, Nepal, Tibet & Southeast Asia!

Welcome to Grand Opening Weekend at Floating Lotus Gloucester!

Friday, June 26th! 169 Main Street, Gloucester. This is the ultimate sound journey experience! Musicians use planetary gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other calming sounds to guide you into relaxation & meditation! These will be extra long sessions, 45 minutes long!

Call 978-546-2367 for details & reservations.

Grand Opening Party with Lamine Toure & Group Saloum, Saturday June 27th

Boston's hottest Afro-pop band, fusing Senegalese music with jazz, funk, reggae and Afrobeat. 

Open House at 7 pm, music at 8 pm.
$10 Suggested donation. 
Refreshments will be served.



    Welcome to Floating Lotus!  Over the years, our popular shop in Rockport, Massachusetts has grown to become one of the premier retailers of handmade fair trade jewelry, crafts & clothing from India, Nepal, Tibet, Southeast Asia & beyond.  We absolutely love what we do and work to reflect our passion for life with the exceptional merchandise we offer our customers!

    Committed to building rewarding long-term relationships with our artists and craftspeople, we make it a priority to operate with fair trade principles which aim to generate fair wages, environmentally sustainable values, as well as safe and healthy working conditions for our good friends who make the remarkable products that we sell.  By working to strengthen the economic conditions within each village or organization we partner with, we not only provide “aid” in a financial way, we also help generations of creative people express their artistic talents, grow proud of their unique cultural identity, and enjoy a happy life while supporting their families.

     At our relaxing boutique you can browse and buy from a diverse collection of authentic, hand-selected jewelry; clothing; folk art; decorative handicraft; one-of-a-kind paintings; sacred statuary; unique musical instruments; and traditional textiles.  Take a peek, we have something for everyone!

    If you’re into the rich traditions and cultures of the East, you’ll enjoy our collection of hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls, dorje bells, ting-shas, thangkas, antique patchwork textiles, hand-loomed wool carpets, as well as our extensive assortment of hand-carved, hand-painted wall art and statuary

    Visit our home décor page and peruse a variety of handmade paper lanterns, hand-printed, stylish textile hangers, decorative pillows, antique hand-embroidered cushions, original paintings, incense, recycled-paper journals & more.

    Click over to our clothing and jewelry pages so we can dress you up in a striking, ethnically inspired style.  Find a selection of comfortable skirts, dresses, blouses, pants, shirts, scarves and jackets ~ then accessorize your new outfit with our attractive pendants, bracelets and rings together with an array of quality gems and stones such as turquoise, ruby, moonstone, labradorite, lapis, and many more.

    Floating Lotus offers an assortment of traditional musical instruments, including classical rosewood sitars, electric sitars, tablas, nightingale harps, Tibetan mountain horns, and the sarangi-bowed Indian fiddle.  For musicians of all ages and abilities, we carry a variety of handmade items such as hand-painted or carved djembes, a variety of shakers, croaking frogs, bamboo flutes, chimes, karimbas, gopichands, didgeridoos, ting-shas, and goat bells. 

    Thank you for visiting Floating Lotus! Please visit our shop and never hesitate to contact us about our products, policies or potential for wholesale opportunities with other retailers! 

    Summer Hours: Open every day at least 11-8 PM