Yoga Play Oct. 27th with Mariya Shikyo, PhD

$ 30.00

October 27th 4:00pm-6:00pm 

Yoga Play with Mariya Shikyo, PhD


Yoga Play is being like a kid again - loving yourself and approaching life as an adventure. It is a space to let go of stress, judgment, and comparison and be yourself in your body – whatever it looks and feels like. With non-judgmental awareness, you will be surprised how graceful and communicative your body is. You will use intuitive moment, breath, sound, self-expression, awareness, play, arts, deep relaxation, and energy work to embrace yourself in this gentle, joyful, healing, and inspiring practice.

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, is a founder of Yoga Play. I have suffered all my life from being too hard on myself, only to realize “There is absolutely nothing wrong with me.” As a holistic life & business coach, spiritual healer, educator, and a medium, I create space for others to embrace themselves and show up for their own creativity, joy, and balance.


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