Winter Solstice Celebration Dec. 21st

$ 25.00

Winter Solstice Celebration! Gong Mediation, Dance & Tribal Music

Elevate the energy, leave the darkness behind, and move into the Light.

Thursday, December 21st -  7-9pm

Floating Lotus, 169 Main St, Gloucester, MA

Tickets: $25

The longest night of the year has been celebrated for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. Winter Solstice carries a powerful energy which transforms dark into light. Join us in a spiritual gathering to call the “Light” into our lives.

*Gong mediation with 5 antique gongs and tribal musical instruments (played by Justin Christopher, Greg Sheridan)

*Accompanied by guided meditation and intention setting (with Silvie Lockerova)

*The Solstice Celebration will continue with dance and live tribal music (with Jon, Lisa and friends)


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