Sound Healing Sat. December 16th 2pm

$ 20.00

Sound Healing Saturday December 16th 2pm at Floating Lotus Gloucester

Sound plays a major part of our lives; from music we dance to, drummers in times of war, the passionate sound of lovers, utterances of pain when we stub a toe, bird song in the morning, the sound of waves against the sand, and the gurgle of our stomachs when we are hungry to just name a few. Many cultures believe in an original sound that happened at the creation of the universe, and it is through sound that we reconnect with the original source. This is evident even within the emotional shift that occurs when we hear our favorite song. A rough day can be turned around by singing a few of our favorite songs. Sound has an incredible capacity to bring about healing and inner peace. People have mentioned having chronic muscle tension release, feeling stress pop out of the body, and anxiety washed away by the didgeridoo from prior events. This group sound journey will be immersing you in a experience of the deep past of our ancestors.

Gregorio plays the didgeridoo, bamboo flutes, drum, and throat sings to allow people to experience sounds that are not often found in our modern world. The rhythms and tones used put the brain into a Theta state. This allows people to enter a dream like state of being, in which people can more freely imagine possibilities and create space for personal healing. Gregorio is a highly skilled musician who creates the space for people to heal personal wounds. The more people in the room the more energy is created as a collective force, all sitting with the intention of self-love and healing. So if you enjoy traditional world music, need a quiet space to take a nap, or need to ease away tension and let go of what no longer serves you please come and join us.


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