Siddha & AromaReiki: Vortex Evolution Sun. May 27th

$ 30.00

Siddha & AromaReiki: Vortex Evolution

Sunday, May 27th 2-4pm at Floating Lotus Gloucester

Float up to the Lotus again for another powerful healing event!

Seth Monk and Shannon Fitzgerald are bringing an energy vortex to Gloucester for your personal Healing journeys.

Siddha Healing uses a crystal mandala, sacred geometry, spirit walking, and dimensional guides while AromaReiki grounds the energies of the body with hands-on channeled touch.

This is sure to knock your chakras off and as we will be in the Flotus upstairs, space is limited!

Some yoga mats and pillows are available, or bring your own mat, pillow, and blanket and be ready to lay down, receive, and reawaken to the vibration of a higher life path.

Cost: $30

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