Shiva Lila Kirtan Sat, June 8th 7:30pm

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Shiva Lila Kirtan, June 8th at 7:30pm to 9:30pm at Floating Lotus Gloucester!

Sanskrit chants are an ancient practice of devotion, that is part of Nada Yoga, “Union with sacred sound." Sung in a call-and-response format, Kirtan is a true concert, an opportunity to come together and celebrate what life is really about!

For us, music is an expression of our exuberance for Life, Yoga and our ultimate potential as human beings! Our concerts are invigorating and energetic, using hand percussion and inspiring melodies to convey all that we feel. 

Come enjoy this unique, uplifting musical experience! Dance, sing along or simply get lost in the frequencies of fulfillment! 

$15, Proceeds support a nonprofit dedicated to benefiting all beings through Yoga!