Primal Roots- The Deep Well

$ 20.00

Primal Roots- The Deep Well

Saturday, January 26th 8pm-11pm 

Welcome to the next Primal roots.
Once again we are stepping outside of the boundaries and norms (of what a dance should be) so that we can go deeper into our truths. As human beings we are always finding and redefining ourselves. And Primal Roots will follow this thread too, allowing us to release our expectations and fixed ideas of how things should be.

We are talking about our generational timelines, about our past, but also the present. How do we draw from that deep well? The water of Life and Mystery. Some of this we can experience through our words, but much of this is found in our direct experience of the world, aside from words. We can find it in movement and creative expression. We can find it in connection to others.

After our welcoming Circle, we will begin the night with our great friend John Sprague who will preview his “Global Heart Medicine Show” (John will return later this year for the full show). After that we will begin the dance with some ceremonial drumming and an ongoing Art Project, followed by some primal music, sounds, and ecstatic dancing.


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