Sold! Ocean & Air Larimar, Aquamarine, & Blue Topaz Pendant

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All of our jewelry is one of a kind! The tranquility of larimar is complimented by the contrast of raw aquamarine and faceted blue topaz, set in sterling silver and handcrafted in Nepal. All of our jewelry is one of a kind, handmade and fair trade.

The embodiment of sea and sky energies, larimar is a cardinal water element stone but is born of fire with it’s volcanic origins giving this crystal a unique balancing energy. This stone powerfully connects to the Divine Feminine, giving it the energy to calm fears and cool tempers while helping to release emotional bonds, patterns, and principles that no longer serve the highest self. This energy is enhanced by the raw aquamarine and blue topaz accents in this piece, while aquamarine compliments the calming tranquil energy this stone blue topaz enhances the throat chakra energy of larimar and is known throughout the world as a stone of love and good fortune.