Music For The Yogis: Shiva Lila Kirtan Nov 17th 7pm-9pm

$ 15.00

Kirtan with Shiva Lila

We sing Sanskrit chants, creating frequencies of fulfillment and enlightenment, known as Nada Yoga—union with
sacred sound. Come experience this amazing practice!

Kirtan is an ancient practice of devotion that Yogis would use as their means and method to attain Moksha, liberation or enlightenment. While we won't attain enlightenment from one evening, we will experience the power of our this amazing practice to bring us to new levels of joy!

Join us for a night of call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit words that are the actual vibrations of the qualities we seek in life: love, compassion, strength. In chanting these words and names of divinity we put our attention on them, lifting ourselves closer to our ultimate potential.

Shiva Lila's primal beats and stirring vocals will have you diving deep and singing loud!

We perform to support Sat Manav Yoga Ashram, the nonprofit, spiritual community we call home, dedicated to benefiting all beings through Yoga. 100% of your contribution goes to supporting our mission!

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