Introduction to Marconics Thursday 4/18

$ 22.00

Introduction to Marconics
 with Shanti Avakumova and Leah Landry
Thursday, April 18th 7pm
At Floating Lotus Gloucester

At the end of 2012 we entered into a New Golden Age as the Earth passed through the Photon Belt and repositioned herself on the Galactic Plane. This exposed the planet to much more intense electromagnetic radiation from the Cosmos.  
MARCONICS is a new multi-dimensional energy system heralded as, ”The vehicle of Ascension”, and ‘the Evolution of Energy Healing’. As we move into the higher Light vibrations of the
New Age, many are struggling to assimilate
these frequencies. MARCONICS helps people drop the density from their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies, by raising their energetic signature so they can thrive in the new energy. Learn how to access these energies and travel with us through the multidimensional
gateways of the mind, to connect with higher beings here to assist us bring our planet to Light.
Whether you choose to become a healer, or
simply use the full spectrum of Marconics Higher Light Frequencies to further your own personal Spiritual growth, you will be forever transformed.

As Teacher Practitioners, Shanti Avakumova and Leah Landry were trained by, and maintain ongoing mentorship with, the originator and custodian of Marconics, Alison David Bird and co-founder Lisa Wilson. Shanti and Leah are excited to expand their light and share Marconics with the communities of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

$22.00 Ticket fee

For more information, please contact :
Shanti (617) 548-8758 or Leah (603) 867-5324

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