Evening Tai Chi Classes - Thursdays 5:30pm

$ 15.00

Evening Tai Chi Class begins Thursday, May 17 at Floating Lotus Gloucester
Suzanne Sweeney has trained in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong for over 8 years and loves sharing these beautiful forms with her students. 

Tai Chi is an ideal form of exercise for all aspects of health care. Its benefits can include:
Increased balance and strength
Increased body-mind awareness
Increased circulation
Improved coordination
Improved body awareness
Enhanced flexibility
Increased energy
Stress reduction and relaxation
Decreased pain
Tai Chi may also help improve posture, boost the immune system, and increase bone density.

For more information please visit http://energizebodyandmind.com/tai-chi/

To register for Tai Chi classes please email viahttp://energizebodyandmind.com/contact/ or purchase tickets online at floatinglotus.net


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