Drumming with Mamadou

$ 10.00

Mamadou Diop will lead a Drum Circle at Floating Lotus Gloucester
November 30th from 6pm-7pm

The experience of drumming offers the following benefits...

Mamadou Diop teaches drumming to students and professional drummers of all ages and skill levels. He teaches the importance of the drum in the African culture to the community as a mode of communication and in the daily life.

West african drumming is not just music, but an experience of the heart, mind, and spirit. It evokes self-discovery, spiritual renewal, joy for life, and a deep sense of community.

The truth is: We All have Rhythm!
Rhythm is our natural inheritance. It exists in our bodies, our hearts, our breath. It exists in the vibration of atoms, the cycles of the seasons, the ticking of clocks, the orbit of the earth. There is no part of creation that is without rhythm! Mamadou thinks that the energy of the drum can help to balance the vibration of your body and mind.

A truly holistic healing approach, group drumming breaks down social barriers, promotes freedom of expression, non-verbal communication, unity and cooperation. Drumming awakens dormant emotions and unexplainable feelings of excitement, peace, and ecstacy. It decreases depression, anxiety, and stress, boosts immune system functioning, and benefits physical health.

$10 per person

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