Didgeridoo Workshop Sun Sept 9th

$ 10.00

Didgeridoo Workshop, Sunday, Sept. 9th 2:30-3:30pm

In this workshop we will be covering the basics of tone production, sustaining a drone note, and learning a progressive set of exercises to aid in the acquisition of circular breathing. During the workshop Gregorio will be sharing stories, talk about the history of the didgeridoo, and will end the class with a musical meditation.

Playing the didgeridoo has many health benefits. For singers or aspiring singers the didgeridoo offers one of the best exercises to increase lung capacity and power in the diaphragm. This strengthening of the respiratory system also makes playing the didgeridoo one of the best alternative methods to help with sleep apnea.

For those who are interested in breathing methods for meditation, you will fall in love with circular breathing, which once mastered will lead directly to a deep meditation state. Whether you come to hear some folk stories, laugh at the sounds reminiscent of Moose farts while people are learning, or begin a practice with the didgeridoo for your health in well being, we look forward to having you with us.

Instructor: Gregorio (Greg Sheridan)
Cost: $10

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