QiGong for Health and Wellness Sept. 30th

$ 15.00

Qigong for Health and Wellness

Qigong is the foundation of most martial arts and has its roots in Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy. It imitates the movements of nature and is often considered both an exercise and a form of meditation. Qigong emphasizes the harmony and health of body, mind, and spirit. 

This workshop you will discover:

A brief history and description of Qigong 

The benefits of Qigong practice  

Some movements to get us into a Qigong state: calm mind, energized body, elevated spirit

In my health coaching practice I teach 4 keys to optimal health: Diet, Quiet, Movement, and Happiness. When these aspects of an individual are balanced, good health and happiness abound and many ailments and dis-ease disappear. Tai Chi and Qigong effectively address 3 of 4 keys to optimal health in a fun and easy way, allowing us to truly heal, come into our own, and move beyond our pain and illness. Through regular practice you will open yourself to another level of healing and living and transform the way you move through life.  

No experience is needed to enjoy the benefits of Qigong. 

For any questions please contact Floating Lotus at (978) 675- 3352 or email Suzanne at Suzanne@EnergizeBodyandMind.com 

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