The Golden Sound Portal with Lisa & Sagit, Sat. Oct. 5th 5pm & 7pm

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Lisa Kawski and Sagit Zilberman have come together again to create magical harmonies to transport you through the portal of sound and vibrations on an inward journey of relaxation and meditative thought.
There are 2 sessions starting at 5 pm & 7 pm!

Sagit Zilberman, a multi-instrumentalist internationally acclaimed Israeli musician, received her bachelor of music from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has toured throughout the world as a jazz musician. For our sound bath, she will be sharing her talents of the Handpan, tongue drum and didgeridoo.
Lisa Kawski has been offering sound healings for the past 3 years on the NorthShore and beyond. She loves co-creating with others to offer more than what her two hands can play. Combining her crystal singing bowls, ocean drum, chimes and more, it is an evening not to be missed.

$25.00 - pre-purchased tickets are non-refundable

$30 at the door

**Please bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow for your added comfort, we will be lying on the floor**

A sampling of some of the guided meditation/sound bath from last fall's event:

A musician since the age of 6, Sagit attended Berklee College of Music and graduated in 2007. She has performed internationally and toured with 25 different bands in more than 15 countries in South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa - picking up songs and very rare and unique instruments which she plays. Sagit is a yoga and meditation instructor and applies her music for relaxation and meditation.

Lisa was introduced to the beauty of sound healing in 2016 when she was asked to play a quartz crystal singing bowl at a friend’s gathering. As she stroked the bowl, she felt the vibrations of the sound go through her entire body. She looked around to see if anyone else felt what she had – she instantly knew this was the instrument for her to share her “voice” – through singing bowls she would create her business Sound Healing for the Soul which has become Lisa’s vehicle for sharing her musical talents and expressing herself.

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