Sound Immersion Therapy Gong Meditation Sat, Feb 29th & Sun, March 1st

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Floating Lotus is honored to introduce Nancy, an Intuitive Sound Practitioner, who has joined the Floating Lotus community as a resident Sound Meditation Therapist.

Enjoy a Leap Year Gong Meditation as you are immersed in a sea of vibrations and frequencies that create quantum healing sound waves. Gongs go deep, helping to shake loose any energy blockages in the body, opening up the inner-verse to realign and reconnect the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Come and experience an opportunity to rejuvenate, nurture and re-balance by tuning the physical body to the harmonizing effects of the Gong.
Yoga mats and bolsters are available, or sit in a chair or against the wall for your ultimate comfort. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, pillow or blanket, as the body temperature may fluctuate during your session.
An Eye Covering is suggested for optimal experience, but not necessary.
All healing is Self-paced. Enjoy your Journey.
This meditation releases toxins from your system, be mindful to drink lots of water for a few days after your session to help flush them out more quickly.

Benefits may include:

Induced Relaxation, Release of Tension

Clearing Energetic and Emotional Blockages

Stimulation of Circulatory and Glandular Systems

Re-balances the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies

Awakens higher states of Consciousness

Creates a deep sense of Peace and Well Being

Cost for this Meditation is $25.00

Please bring anything else you may need to be comfortable for your session. Sessions run typically 55 - 60 minutes.

Nancy is an Intuitive Sound Practitioner - she continues her ongoing studies of Gongs and Indigenous Sound Tools at 9waysacademia.

Follow her Facebook page for more information and upcoming events, or for contact to book Private Sessions. 


Nancy will be booking out a once a month Gong Meditation at the Floating Lotus Gloucester - as a resident Sound Therapist. January 2020 starts this ongoing Sound Immersion Series.

She also offers 1 ON 1 Private Sessions, Couples Sessions, or a Private Booking for 3 or more individuals in a group setting.

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