Moonstone Jewelry November 29, 2015 21:52

fairtrade moonstone jewelry in sterling silver

Moonstones have a milky-sheen and an incredible iridescence. They look beautiful on their own, worn as a set, or paired with other stones. Their milky blue-purple shine works great year round.


Moonstone is often referred to as the stone of new beginnings. It helps one to absorb the universal energies that he or she needs.


This moonstone ring in a beautifully detailed setting is the perfect blend of delicate and statement. We love the bohemian look of the intricate silver work in this piece.

fairtrade moonstone and sterling silver ring


Moonstone can help with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes in one’s life.


The beauty of moonstones stands out with a detailed setting, and its equally gorgeous in a more minimal and simple setting. It allows you to wear the stone in the way that best suits your style. 

fairtrade sterling silver moonstone ring bohemian jewelry


Moonstone has balancing, introspective, and reflective energies.


One of our favorite bracelets features seven incredible pieces of moonstone. The stones are set in minimal sterling-silver settings, and the stones stand out as they drape around the wrist.

moonstone bracelet boho fairtrade jewelry  fairtrade sterling silver moonstone bracelet


Moonstone is a stone that can help us understand emotionally and with our intuition, rather than just with intellectual logic. This can be helpful with insight, perception, and decision making.


This pendant is a great piece - its simple enough to wear everyday, but the detailing on the setting and the incredible iridescence of the stone are eye-catching. Wear it day to night, dressy to casual.

moonstone and silver pendant bohemian fairtrade jewelry style


Moonstone was once called the "traveler's stone" -- said to provide protection and good fortune to  its wearer.


Like the pendant these earrings are really versatile. They work great to complete the set, or to be worn on their own.

sterling silver moonstone earrings


Check out these pieces all together. This set would make an amazing gift (for yourself, or for someone you love!). We can even help you assemble a set of your own.

sterling silver moonstone jewelry


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